Connecting you with your future.

The Wealth Investing Network (WIN) is an inspirational and aspiration-driven network of individuals who are passionate about achieving their financial goals to live a life of freedom and choice. 

WIN meetings facilitate wealth creation and financial freedom through providing access to experts within the field, World Class financial investing tools, and a supportive community to inspire people to take action where and when it counts! 


Our Vision is to pioneer a framework and a support system that inspires people to show up, grow, commit and take the necessary action that is required to fulfil their financial aspirations and lifestyle goals. 

Our Mission is to liberate people from the constraints of the commonly used system that demands the exchange of time for money. We believe that there is a better way and that with the right knowledge, tools and network – everyone can achieve financial freedom, giving them time to do the things that matter most to them. 
WIN is a community that is demystifying the wealth creation secrets to enable all to live a life of freedom and choice.


Inspire and get inspired from meeting people who share a goal.


Connect with people you want to invest with.


Discuss new ideas and plans for future investments.


Learn from your network and benefit from it.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to attend one of our networking events then just head over to the events page and find the event closest or most suited for you.


We are constantly expanding our network and thus, if there are no meetings in your area then do not worry - there will be soon. 

What do others say?

"The best wealth creation concept I have seen in years – bringing all the necessary components together under one roof; the experts, the knowledge, the tools and the connections. Being a member of WIN has enabled me to accomplish more than I could ever have achieved on my own"


Graham Foster.


"Finally, a Franchise that makes sense. Being a WIN leader has enabled me to develop a powerful network, whilst accelerating my own financial freedom goals by helping others. It’s a WIN, WIN!"


Katie Maidan.

The Wealth Investing Network

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